Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

FAQ for Our Body kits

1.   What are Tokobodykit.com body kits made of?

All parts are made of high quality ABS Plastic materials unless otherwise noted. We also have Fiberglass / FRP materials.

2.   What is the difference between the Tokobodykit.com Body Kits and all of the other body kits out there on the market?

We have our own factory, we beat all competitor prices :)

3.   How hard is it to install a body kit?

All bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, or hoods require professional installation. That means that these parts need to be done by experienced body shops that have done bodykits before, not just a regular collision shop. Due to the fact that these are aftermarket parts, some modifications of the parts and/or vehicles maybe necessary. Make sure an installation fitment has been done first before priming and painting. Once painting has been done, it is very difficult to modify to fit without destroying the paint. You would have to paint again! more modifications may be needed. 

4.   I do not see what I want online, can you special order it for me?

If you cant find what you need on our website, we may be able to special order it for you. Please contact our sales department so we can assist you.

               5.    The product I got does not look exactly like the pictures online. Did I get the correct part?

The pictures we use in our ads are all custom show cars. Due to the variety of custom modifications done to them, the results may differ from the pictures. As always, pictures are for illustration purposes only. Generally speaking, the core style of the body kit will be the same.

               6.   Do you ship COD?

Yes, Jakarta Area Only.  All purchases must be pre-paid down payment 30% before being processed.

7.   Do your body kits and ground effects come painted?

No, our body kits do not come painted. Since paint colors fade over time, and the fact that you may need to make modifications to your kit is not a good idea to get a body kit painted before you test fit it. We recommend you take it to a professional body shop to have the kits prepped, primed and painted.

8.   Why does my kit not fit perfectly?

We cannot guarantee fitment. All our products are made to the closest OEM standards possible, but since installation are all hand made minor difference can occur.   Also with the vast possibilities of why products do not fit perfectly, such as accidents, heat, poor installation, etc, it is very difficult to guarantee perfect fitment.

9.   Products are non-refundable.


All Bodykit are Replica.  We DO NOT sell original parts.



All prices Are Subject To Change withour prior notice.

Setiap pengunjung dan pembeli telah menyetujui Syarat Dan Kondisi ini.